Notebook Guide

At The Master’s University we strive to provide our students with the greatest possible opportunities for education. To that end, we do require that every student bring a laptop computer to use for their classes. It is imperative that each student learn basic computing and office productivity skills so they can be better equipped in their respective fields. Classes also require papers, website access, and other technology related tasks that must be completed on a student’s laptop computer.

Notebook Minimum Specifications:

• Windows 10 or above or Mac OS X 10.14 or above
• Intel i5 Processor or better
• 4 GB of RAM
• 250 GB Hard Drive
• 802.11ac WiFi Adapter
• Anti-Virus Protection (AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials are good free options for Windows. Windows 10 includes adequate Anti-Virus Software)
• 4-Year Next Business Day On-Site Warranty with Accidental Damage Protection (this would be ideal)

Warranty Options

The purchase of a laptop computer is as much an investment in the student’s education as is tuition, room, and board. The computer will be with them for the duration of their stay at The Master’s University and plays a vital role in all their educational pursuits while at the school. Students should plan on purchasing a new computer with a service contract (warranty) for the duration of the student’s intended stay at school, or as long as the student plans to keep the laptop.
Many students purchase a high-quality notebook in their freshman year with a four-year warranty and use that laptop for the duration of their time at Master’s. An ideal warranty would run this length and include accidental damage protection. The service contract is a critical part of the computer purchase. This will ensure that the student will always have a means of support in case of a hardware failure. Many computer manufacturers sell next business day warranties which facilitate timely service. Due to the breadth of laptop manufacturers today, The Master’s University does not have the necessary resources to service student computers. However, IT Operations will do their utmost to ensure that all students are able to successfully connect to and utilize university technology resources.

Accidental Damage

Warranties do not cover all repairs to your notebook computer; they are expressly written to cover manufacturers’ defects that cause system failure during the normal use and life cycle of the product. If you damage your notebook computer by dropping it, stepping on it, spilling liquids on it, etc., you are liable for the repair costs to restore the notebook to working condition. Some manufacturers offer accidental damage plans that you can purchase in addition to extended warranty plans. Although an accidental damage plan may seem expensive at first, it could be a very valuable investment considering the cost of repairs.

Service Availability

You may also want to consider the service options that are available with a particular computer. If you encounter problems or defects in your laptop, you may have to deal directly with the manufacturer by telephone, or you may have to take the computer to the store you bought it from in order to have any troubleshooting done. If there is a hardware problem with your computer, you may need to leave it at the store or ship your computer to the manufacturer for repairs. Some notebook manufacturers also offer on-site warranty repairs where they will come to your place of residence within 24 to 48 hours with the necessary replacement parts.
Students bringing their own notebooks to campus will be responsible for their own hardware troubleshooting and tech support, which can be obtained from the manufacturer or vendor where the notebook was purchased. IT Operations does not offer any hardware tech support for student-owned notebooks other than assistance in connecting to the wireless network.

Additional Resources

Popular laptop manufacturers include Dell and Apple. Student discounts may be found at the following websites: and
If you have any questions, please contact us: